Each disc/drive/card is handled with the utmost care. Image files are obtained only from official sources and their checksums verified. The data written to the disc is also verified. Finally, each disc is manually tested.

Please note that while most modern operating systems support a very wide variety of hardware, there are so many models of computer and so many hardware configurations that no operating system is fully compatible with every possible setup. It is always a good idea to do a little research, such as a web search for your computer's model no. and the operating system you wish to install, to try to verify compatibility. Lastly, while installing an operating system has become a relatively straightforward procedure, it does help to have some level of comfort with working on computers, as tasks like updating BIOS settings may be necessary.

Statement on copyright: the licenses of most libre/open source programs allows them to be modified, copied, and distributed, including commercially, on condition of compliance with the license terms.

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