Welcome to discs.software. This service will write the free and open source software of your choice to the media of your choice. This includes live discs and drives for GNU/Linux distributions, other non-proprietary operating systems, bootable software utilities such as for disk cloning, and SD cards for single board computers. Click here for a list of some potential options.

Simply choose from the available media below, then write to...

to advise what software you would like written to it. Please be sure the media you want has enough capacity for the software you want. Click here for more details about this service, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Each disc is handled with the utmost care. Image files are obtained only from official sources and their checksums verified. The data written to the disc is also verified. Finally, each disc is manually tested.

Your order will be carefully packaged in an appropriate mailer. Most orders are shipped next business day via USPS, and shipping on all orders within the U.S. is free. Please be aware that orders of single CDs/DVDs are shipped without tracking. Please e-mail if you need an order shipped internationally.

Media Options

CD (700 MB)


DVD (4.7 GB)


MiniDVD (1.4 GB)


Dual Layer DVD (8 GB)


16 GB, USB 2.0 flash drive


16 GB, USB 3.0 flash drive


32 GB, class 10, microSD card


64 GB, class 10, microSD card


Special Items

SD to microSD card adapter


A 16 GB, USB 3.0 live drive of any Debian or Ubuntu variant, with persistent storage on the drive. Please just send an e-mail after checking out to advise which OS you would like.


A 16 GB, USB 3.0 multiboot drive, the number of distros up to you but limited by the drive's capacity. Please just send an e-mail after checking out to advise which OSes you would like.


A 3D-printed GNU/Linux case badge



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